Commonwealth Hotels, LLC was founded in 1986 when hotel veteran, Dan Fay, teamed with construction and development veteran, Bill Butler of Corporex to form the company.  Like many hotel executives, Dan has worked in the hospitality industry much of his life, beginning as a part-time employee in high school and then supported himself during his college years working at Stouffer's until his graduation from The Ohio State University.  After graduation, he entered a management training program with Stouffer's Hotels, and within a few years joined the hotel division of a mid-west restaurant company, which owned two hotels and several specialty restaurants.  Dan feels that his early food background has served him well in his business career because it takes a very hands-on, detailed oriented individual to be successful in the food business.  After ten years, he felt the urge to form a hotel management company of his own, and started the process by putting an existing franchised hotel under contract to purchase.

In the process of forming an equity partnership to complete the acquisition of a local hotel, Dan approached Bill Butler and the two agreed to form a partnership.  The result of that initiative was the development and construction of the Hilton at the Greater Cincinnati Airport, and the formation of Commonwealth Hotels.  Mr. Butler brings much to the table through his in depth background in construction, development, and finance.  Mr. Butler's company, Corporex Companies, is one of the nation's premier developers, investment builder, and owner of Class "A" office space, industrial parks, and sports country clubs.

During the development of Commonwealth's first hotel, Gordon Snyder was brought on board to assist in development and opening of its first hotel, the Commonwealth Hilton.

Today, Commonwealth has two divisions, a Full Service division CHC and a Select Service division CHI, and manages a wide variety of premium brand hotels in multiple markets. The success we have achieved for our owner has established us as a premier hotel management company that continues to grow.

Mr. Snyder has taken over the role as President of the Full Service division. Mr. Snyder has over 40 years of hotel manager experience with Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood as well as independent Hotels.

As the company has grown, Commonwealth Hotels have taken on outside management contracts, delivering the same success for venture partners and third party owners as they have realized for themselves.  The fact that Mr. Fay and Mr. Butler are owners as well as investors, business people and operators have been the keys to their success. 

Today, Commonwealth Hotels manages a wide variety of premium brand hotels in multiple market segments and markets.  The success we have achieved for our owners has established us as a premier hotel management company that is ready to grow through performance based - third party management contacts as well as equity partnerships.